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Eoholaster laffetei (Devries, 1960, p. 21)

[=Toxaster laffetei Devries, 1960, p. 21
=Smithiaster loryi Barras, 2007 (non Gras, 1852), p. 158, fig. 5, pl. 2, fig. 8]

Diagnostic Features
  • apical disc plating becomes disjunct in larger individuals.
Distribution Berriasian, Lower Cretaceous, of the Aures region, Algeria.
Classification and/or Status

Late stem group Atelosotoma

A species of Eoholaster

Remarks The specimen illustrated was described and figured by Barras (2007) under the name Smithiaster loryi.  Vadet (2008) noted this specimen was wrongly identified and recognized it to be laffetei.

Barras, C. 2007. Phylogeny of the Jurassic to Early Cretaceous 'disasteroid' echinoids (Echinoidea; Echinodermata), and the origins of spatangoids and holasteroids. Journal of Systematic Palaeontology 5, 133-161.

Vadet, A. 2008. Echinides nouveaux peu ou mal connus. Annales de la Societe d'Histoire naturelle du Boulonnais, Series 2 6, 1-24.