The Echinoid Directory

Cardiolampas Pomel, 1883, p. 50

Diagnostic Features
  • Test moderately large; cordiform in outline and tapering to a rounded point posteriorly; low conical in profile.
  • Apical disc disjunct with posterior ocular plates very far removed, more or less at posterior margin, immediately above periproct, but not in contact with the opening. Anterior part of apical disc with ocular plates II and IV in contact behind genital plate 2.
  • Paired ambulacra very narrow on aboral surface with plates approximately as tall as wide. Pore-pairs microscopic.
  • Anterior ambulacrum in groove that deepens towards ambitus and remains sharply defined to peristome. Plates tall and pore-pairs microscopic.
  • Plastron plating unknown.
  • Peristome small subcircular; facing anteriorly into deep frontal groove.
  • Periproct small circular, marginal, but occupying almost entire posterior face.
  • Tuberculation aborally of very fine scattered tubercles set in a groundmass of granules.
Upper Jurassic (Oxfordian); Europe, North Africa.
Name gender feminine
Collyrites friburgensis Ooster, 1865, p. 55, by subsequent designation of Gauthier, 1896, p. 20.
Species Included
  • C. friburgensis (Ooster, 1865); Upper Oxfordian, France, Tunisia.
Classification and/or Status

Irregularia, Stem group Atelostomata, Collyritidae.


Close to Cardiopelta and differing primarily in having a much better developed anterior sulcus. The posterior face is also reduced so that the periproct occupies more or less the entire short face. However, both of these features may in part reflect the relatively large size attained by this species. Whether there are grounds for keeping the two as separate is questionable.
Also similar to Laticlypus, but differs by its more disjunct apical disc, microscopic ambulacral pores and by not possessing an anal sulcus.

Pomel, A. 1883. Classification méthodique et genera des Échinides vivante et fossiles. Thèses présentées a la Faculté des Sciences de Paris pour obtenir le Grade de Docteur ès Sciences Naturelles, 503, 131 pp. Aldolphe Jourdan, Alger.