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Family Phymosomatidae Pomel, 1883, p. 90

[=Cyphosominae Lambert, 1897, p. 498; includes Trochalosomina Lambert, 1897, p. 515. ]


Phymosomatoida with:

  • apical disc relatively large; monocyclic with plates only loosly associated with the corona and usually missing. Periproct large with angular edges such that periproctal plates partially tesselated into disc;
  • ambulacral plating polygeminate, with phymosomatid-style compounding; second lowest element in each compound plate the largest, extending from adradial to perradial suture, and bearing the primary tubercle; lowermost and uppermost elements smaller but also extending the full ambulacral width; other elements demiplates;
  • primary tubercles imperforate and usually distinctly crenulate; those of ambulacral and interambulacral zones similar in size.
Upper Jurassic - Eocene, Europe, North America, Middle East, North Africa.
Type Phymosoma
Classification and/or Status Acroechinoidea, Calycina, Phymosomatoida
Closely resembling Emiratiidae in apical disc morphology, but with imperforate tubercles, and phymosomatid-style plate compounding. Members of an unnamed clade have imperforate tubercles that are non-crenulate, and diadematid rather than phymosomatid plate compounding. Possibly paraphyletic by exclusion of Glyptocidaris.

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