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Galerites Lamarck, 1801, p. 346

[=Echinoconus d\'Orbigny, 1854, p. 29 (objective); Pironaster Munier-Chalmas, 1890, p. 181, type species Caratomus roemeri Desor, 1847; =Conulopsis Hawkins, 1921, p. 491, type species Caratomus roemeri Desor, 1847. ]

Diagnostic Features
  • Test thick; subcircular in outline, hemispherical to subconical in profile with flattish base and low ambitus.
  • Apical system central, tetrabasal with four gonopores; genital plates subequal in size and all in contact. The posterior genital plates in contact behind genital plate 2; the posterior ocular plates widely separated.
  • Periproct small, subcircular, slightly raised. Oral in postition close to posterior margin.
  • Ambulacra narrow adapically, pore-pairs small, simple, uniserial throughout, becoming very slightly offset in lines of three adorally. No buccal pores. Ambulacral plating simple throughout.
  • Interambulacra wide. On the oral surface a raised band runs from the periproct to peristome. Tuberculation of small uniform primaries with slightly sunken areoles scattered over plates with dense uniform granulation in between. No oral/aboral differentiation.
  • Peristome small subcentral, circular, with or without a small invaginated lip.
  • No perignathic girdle; spines unknown.
Upper Cretaceous (Santonian-Maastrichtian), Europe.
Name gender masculine
Echinites vulgaris Leske, 1778, p. 165, by original designation.
Species Included
  • G. vulgaris (Leske, 1778); Campanian-Maastrichtian, Europe.
  • G. hemisphaericus (Desor, 1842); Upper Campanian, Europe.
  • G. sulcatoradiatus Goldfuss, 1829; Maastrichtian, Europe.
  • G. stadensis (Lambert, 1911); Maastrichtian, Europe.
  • G. ernsti (Schulz, 1985); Campanian, Germany.
  • G. roemeri (Desor, 1847); Campanian, Germany and Poland.
  • G. schmidi (Schulz, 1985); Maastrichtian, Germany.
Classification and/or Status
Irregularia; Echinoneoida, Galeritidae.

Distinguished from Conulus by having simple ambulacral plating throughout.

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