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Pygorhytis Pomel, 1883, p. 50

Diagnostic Features
  • Test ovate and rather depressed in profile; no frontal sulcus.
  • Apical disc disjunct with ocular plates II and IV in contact behind genital plate 2. Genital plates 1 and 4 separated from posterior ocular plates. There may be a catenal plate between oculars II and IV.
  • Posterior ocular plates in contact with periproct so that ambulacral columns converge on the upper margin of the periproct; extremely elongate and forming the lateral margins of the periproct.
  • Periproct on vertical truncate face and associated with a shallow subvertical sulcus.
  • Peristome small and circular.
  • Ambulacra non-petaloid; pore-pairs small oblique and simple throughout; ambulacrum III undifferentiated.
  • Short phyllodes developed adorally with occluded plates.
  • Plastron protosternous.
Lower and Middle Jurassic (Toarcian - Callovian); Europe.
Name gender feminine
Disaster ringens Agassiz, 1836, p. 183, by subsequent designation of Lambert & Thiery, 1924, p. 390.
Species Included
  • P. ringens (L. Agassiz, 1839); Upper Bajocian to Upper Callovian of Europe.
  • P. magnus Solovjev, 1971; Callovian, former Soviet Union.
  • P. castanea Desor, 1858 [=P. pseudoringens (Cotteau, 1867)]; Callovian, Europe, former Soviet Union.
Classification and/or Status

Irregularia, Stem group Atelostomata, Pygorhytidae.



Distinguished from other pygorhytids by its vertical truncate posterior with shallow anal sulcus. In Pygomalus the ambulacra and the peristome are not sunken, in contrast to Pygorhytis.

P. castanea is intermediate between Pygorhytis and Cyclolampas. Like Cyclolampas it has a posterior apical disc and strongly conical profile, inframarginal periproct, and well developed phyllodes adorally with pore-pairs in three offset columns. However, unlike Cyclolampas the posterior oculars remain in contact with the periproct and the posterior genital plates abut directly against ocular plates II and IV.

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