The Echinoid Directory

Brochopleurus Fourtau, 1920, p. 25

Diagnostic Features
  • Test small, subcircular, upper face weakly domed; slightly sunken towards peristome on lower surface.
  • Apical disc small, plating lost.
  • Ambulacra trigeminate; pore-pairs uniserial above, in weak arcs at the ambitus; pore zone a little sunken.
  • Primary tuberles imperforate and non-crenulate; with radial ornament leasding to surrounding granules.
  • Interambulacral plates with central primary tubercle, also with radial ornament.
  • Peristome moderate, with shallow buccal notches.
Miocene, Pakistan, ?Egypt; Upper Eocene, USA
Name gender masculine
Temnechinus stellatus Duncan & Sladen, 1886, p. 304, by original designation
Species Included
  • B. stellatus (Duncan & Sladen, 1886); Miocene, Pakistan.
  • B. gajensis (Duncan & Sladen, 1886); Miocene, Pakistan.
  • ?B. fallax Lambert, in Lambert & Thiery, 1921; Miocene, Egypt.
  • B. prestiosus (Clark, 1915); Upper Eocene, Alabama, USA
Classification and/or Status

Euechinoidea; Camarodonta; Temnopleuroida; Trigonocidaridae

Subjective junior synonym of Ortholophus Duncan, 1887.


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