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Javanechinus Jeannet, in Lambert & Jeannet, 1935, p. 49

[=Graphepleurus Clark, 1945, p. 315, type species Graphepleurus granularis Clark, 1945]

Diagnostic Features
  • Test medium-sized (ca. 25-30 mm diameter).
  • Apical disc small; plating dicyclic; periproct subovate.
  • Ambulacra trigeminate with pore-pairs in moderately strongly offset triads at the ambitus; not expanded adorally and becoming linear close to peristome. Plating with echinid style compounding.
  • Single small primary tubercle to each compound plate, plus smaller secondaries and granules on adradial side. Primary tubercles very small; connected vertically by a fine ridge.
  • Interambulacral plates about twice as wide as tall at the ambitus. Single small primary tubercle centrally placed, with faint radial striations. Remainder of plate covered in rather dense, projecting secondary and miliary tuberculation. Smaller secondary tubercle on either side of primary on ambital plates.
  • Tubercles imperforate and non-crenulate.
  • No sutural pits, but secondary tuberculation gives the test a sculpted appearance.
  • Peristome larger than apical disc; feeble buccal notches present.
  • Spines and lantern unknown.
Miocene, Indo-West Pacific.
Name gender masculine
Javanechinus rembangensis Jeannet, 1935, p. 50, by original designation.
Species Included
  • J. rembangensis Jeannet, 1935; Lower Miocene, Java.
  • J. erbi Jeannet, 1937; Upper Miocene. Madoera and Java.
  • J. granularis (Clark, 1945); Miocene, Fiji.
Classification and/or Status
Euechinoidea; Camarodonta, Temnopleuroida; Trigonocidaridae.

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