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Holopneustes L. Agassiz, 1841, p. 9

Diagnostic Features
  • Test globular in form; approximately as tall as wide.
  • Apical disc dicyclic; gonopores at edge of genital plates. Periproct subcircular; periproctal plates small and undifferentiated; no suranal plate.
  • Ambulacral zones as wide as interambulacral zones.
  • Ambulacral plating trigeminate, with echinid compounding. Pore-zones broad, with pore-pairs forming two discrete columns, with scattered irregular pore-pairs in the broad zone in between; triads compound so that there is one primary tubercle to each two or three triads. Small tubercles occur within the pore zone.
  • Ambulacral tubercles rather irregularly developed on every second or third compound plate.
  • Interambulacral plates wide with small tubercles forming vertical and horizontal series; up to six abreast at ambitus.
  • Primary tubercles imperforate and non-crenulate.
  • Plates rather sparsely tuberculate giving the entire test a rather naked appearance, but no well developed naked interradial zone adapically.
  • Median sutures rather sharply incised and occaionally with minute pits developed at triple junctions (in juvenile).
  • Peristome small with only faint buccal notches.
  • Spines short and simple.
  • Lantern camarodont.
Recent; Australia and New Zealand.
Name gender feminine
Holopneustes porosissimus L. Agassiz, in Agassiz & Desor 1846, p. 364, by monotypy.
Species Included
  • H. porosissimus L. Agassiz, in Agassiz & Desor, 1846; Recent, Australia.
  • H. inflatus Lutken, in Agassiz, 1872; Recent, Australia.
Classification and/or Status

Camarodonta; Temnopleuroida; Temnopleuridae.



Very similar to  Amblypneustes, differing from that taxon by having a primary ambulacral tubercle to only every second or third compound plate.

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Mortensen, T. 1943. A monograph of the Echinoidea Part III.2, Camarodonta 1. C. A. Reitzel, Copenhagen.