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Brochechinus Lambert & Thiery, 1908, p. 21


Diagnostic Features
  • Test small, depressed, subpentagonal.
  • Apical disc small (ca. 25% test diameter), dicyclic; plates firmly bound to corona. Periproct ovate, with smooth rim. Genital plates with two or so tubercles and ornament similar to corona.
  • Ambulacra straight, moderately wide. Pore zones uniserial at ambitus and adapically; becoming crowded and offset adorally to form short phyllodes. All elements similar in size and extending to perradius. Plating above ambitus simple adapically and acrosaleniid supraambitally and below, with a small tubercle overlapping two out of every three elements.
  • Interambulacral plates a little wider than tall, each with a small primary tubercle. Tubercles on aboral plates not much larger than secondaries and all linked together to form a reticulate ornament. Primary tubercles larger on ambital and adoral plates but reticulate ornament still present.
  • Primary tubercles definitely perforate and non-crenulate; the perforation being rather small.
  • Peristome large and flush; buccal notches not large, but well defined.
  • Spines and lantern unknown.
Distribution Upper Jurassic (upper Oxfordian); France.
Name gender masculine
Brochechinus elisae Lambert & Thiery, p. 21, by original designation.
Species Included Only the type species.
Classification and/or Status

Euechinoidea, Echinacea, Arbacioida, Glypticidae.


Remarks Very much like the arbaciid Glypticus but with perforate primary tubercles and simple elements. Panglypticus appears very similar, the coalesced ornament forming pit-like depressions over the aboral surface in both.

A second specimen has been described by Vadet & Nicolleau (2008).

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