The Echinoid Directory

Family Acropeltidae Lambert & Thiery, 1914, p. 267

[ex Acropeltinae Lambert & Thiery, 1914]

Diagnosis Arbacioid echinoids with:
  • apical disc thickened and cap-like; plating dicyclic;
  • perianal tubercles bearing spines on genital plates, either a single large tubercle per plate or a ring of tubercles surrounding the periproct;
  • ambulacra trigeminate (bigeminate in one taxon) with one demiplate in each triad;
  • single large primary tubercle to each interambulacral plate; tubercles imperforate and non-crenulate;
  • ambulacral tubercles often obviously smaller than interambulacral tubercles throughout;
  • No basicoronal plate retained.
Range Upper Jurassic to Miocene, Europe, Middle East, North Africa, North Central and South America.
Type Acropeltis
Classification and/or Status Carinacea, Echinacea, Arbacioida
Remarks Distinguished from other arbacioids by its perianal tubercles. It lacks the aboral epistromal ornamentation of the Glypticidae and does not retain the basicoronal interambulacral plates, unlike Arbaciidae.

Lambert, J. & Thiery, P. 1909-1925. Essai de nomenclature raisonnee des echinides. Chaumont, Ferriere.