The Echinoid Directory

Poriocidaris Mortensen, 1909, p. 53

Diagnostic Features
  • Apical system with scattered tubercles. About 45-50% test diameter. Ocular plates generally insert in large individuals. Gonopores opening at outer edge of genital plates.
  • Interambulacral columns composed of 7-8 plates.
  • Primary tubercles perforate and rather strongly crenulate; areoles ovate and slightly incised; confluent on adoral surface.
  • Scrobicular ring differentiated; tuberculation outside rather heterogeneous.
  • Ambulacra narrow; almost straight; with simple plating throughout. Pore-pairs non-conjugate; oblique with narrow interporal partition.
  • Peristome with biserial ambulacral zones and interradial platelet series that reaches the mouth.
  • On inner surface of peristome each ambulacral plate with a distally directed prong.
  • Primary spines long and cylindrical with moderately long collar and either smooth or weakly ribbed shaft; no cortical hairs; adoral spines short, curved and strongly serrated.
  • Secondary spines long and flattened; erect rather than adpressed around the base of the scrobicular spines.
  • Pedicellariae large and consistently bivalved.
Recent, NE Atlantic.
Name gender feminine
Porocidaris purpurata Wyville Thomson, 1872, p. 302, by original designation.
Species Included
  • Only the type species.
Classification and/or Status

Cidaroida; Histocidaridae.

Monotypic; subjective junior synonym of Histocidaris.


Distinguished from Histocidaris, which has a very similar test and peristome morphology, by its bivalved pedicellariae. Some of the spines of Poriocidaris have a longer collar, usually more than 10 mm in length, whereas the collar of spines of Histocidaris is generally shorter. As noted by Clark (1907), these differences are slight.

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