The Echinoid Directory

Schleinitzia Studer, 1877, p. 463

Diagnostic Features
  • Test relatively tall; moderately thin and fragile.
  • Apical disc 40-50% test diameter; monocyclic. Genital plates all similar in size. All plates covered in scattered tubercles.
  • Interambulacra with up to 10 plates in a series. Primary tubercles perforate and non-crenulate (the most adapical tubercles may have a trace of crenulation on their adapical side). Areoles ovate; incised; separated by scrobicular circles except immediately beside the peristome.
  • Scrobicular tubercles hardly differentiated. Extrascrobicular zones not extensive; densely covered in heterogeneous secondary tubercles and granules.
  • No sutural pits or furrows.
  • Ambulacra weakly sinuous. Pore zones not incised; pore-pairs subconjugate to conjugate, the two pores widely separated. Perradial zone fully tuberculate, with marginal series of contiguous primary tubercles and inner zone of smaller secondary tubercles.
  • Peristome a little smaller than apical disc. Interradial plate series not quite reaching the peristome; ambulacral plates uniserial in each column.
  • Primary spines long and relatively slender; tapering or ending in small crown. Collar and neck short; shaft ornamented in rather coarse thorns variably developed; surface between thorns covered in fine cortical hairs.
  • Secondary spines flattened but not adpressed.
Recent, Indo-Pacific.
Name gender feminine
Schleinitzia crenularis Studer, 1877, p. 463 [=Cidarites bispinosa Lamarck, 1816], by original designation.
Species Included
  • Only the type species was included.
Classification and/or Status

Cidaroida, Cidaridae, Cidarinae.

Monotypic; subjective junior synonym of Prionocidaris Agassiz, 1863.


This taxon was differs in no significant way from the type species of Prionocidaris.

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