The Echinoid Directory

Subfamily Stereocidarinae Lambert, 1900, p. 49

[Typocidaridae Vadet, 1988, p. 130 ]


 Cidarids with:

  • Apical disc dicyclic.
  • Interambulacral primary tubercles perforate and non-crenulate (traces of crenulation may be present adapically, on adapical side).
  • One or more fully developed apical interambulacral plates in each zone without a functional tubercle.
  • Scrobicular circle differentiated; extrascrobicular granulation dense and uniform.
  • Sutural pits or grooves often present on horizontal sutures and at interradial triple suture; sutures impressed and well-marked.
  • Ambulacra simple throughout.
  • Pore-pairs sub-conjugate; with raised interporal partition.
  • Globiferous pedicellariae with large subterminal opening surrounded by small denticles.
Middle Jurassic to Recent, worldwide.
Distinguished from other Cidaridae by having one or more adapical plates lacking functional primary tubercles.

The following genus is inadequately diagnosed:  Carantonicidaris Vadet, Nicolleau & Cottard, 2013

Lambert, J. 1900. Étude sur quelques Échinides de l\'Infra-Lias et du Lias. Bulletin de la Société des Sciences Historiques et Naturelles de l\'Yonne 52 (for 1899) (2), 3-57.