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Notocidaris Mortensen, 1909, p. 17

Diagnostic Features
  • Test low; relatively thin.
  • Apical disc and peristome about 50% test diameter; more or less dicyclic; plates generally covered in tubercles. Ocular pore rimmed. Displays sexual dimorphism, with females having large gonopores that are marginal and bound in part by interambulacral plates.
  • Interambulacra of relatively few plates (up to 10). Tubercles perforate non-crenulate with weakly sunken areoles. Scrobicular circle not differentiated from other secondary tubercles; plate outside areole uniformly covered in secondary tubercles.
  • Interradial suture rather strongly incised.
  • Ambulacra almost straight. Pore-pairs very small and oblique, usually with the two pores coalesced by loss of the interporal partition. Primary and smaller secondary tubercle to each ambulacral plate. Pore zones not sunken.
  • No naked perradial zone or pits developed.
  • Peristome with relatively few ambulacral plates; interradial plates not reaching mouth.
  • Primary spines long, cylindrical, with short collar and distinct neck. Shaft with a pair of lateral flanges.
  • Secondary spines simple.
Recent; Antarctica, New Zealand.
Name gender feminine
Goniocidaris mortenseni Koehler, 1900, p. 816, by original designation.
Species Included
  • N. mortenseni (Koehler, 1900); Recent, Antarctic.
  • N. gaussensis Mortensen, 1909; Recent, Antarctic.
  • N. hastata Mortensen, 1909; Recent, Antarctic.
  • N. platyacantha (Clark, 1925); Recent, Antarctic.
  • N. lanceolata Mooi et al. 2000; Recent, Antarctic.
  • N. bakeri McKnight, 1974; Recent, New Zealand.
Classification and/or Status

Cidaroida; Ctenocidaridae.


The spear-shaped spines with their characteristic lateral flanges distinguish Notocidaris from other ctenocidarids.

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