The Echinoid Directory

Order Diadematoida Duncan, 1889, p. 57

[= Diademida Delage & Herouard, 1903; = Centrechinoida Jackson, 1912]


 Acroechinoidea with:

  • apical disc contiguous with but not firmly sutured to coronal plates
  • ambulacral plates compound; compounding basically trigeminate and diadematid or acrosaleniid in style
  • primary tubercles perforate without surrounding scrobicular circles; crenulate or non-crenulate
  • lantern with grooved teeth and epiphyses with slender finger-like projection
  • perignathic girdle with auricles
  • spines rather fragile with hollow lumen or with sparse meshwork filling centre
  • sphaeridia placed close to the tubefeet; continuing almost to apex.
Middle Jurassic to Recent; worldwide.
Classification and/or Status Euechinoidea, Acroechinoidea
Remarks The following echinoids may be fossil representatives of the Diadematoida or alternatively may be stirodonts.  Without information on their lantern structure they are currently impossible to place.

Heteropedina Michalet 1895; Bathonian, France.
Brangema Nicolleau & Vadet, 1995

Duncan, P. M. 1889. A revision of the genera and great groups of the Echinoidea. Journal of the Linnean Society of London; Zoology 23, 1-311.