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Stem group Palaeozoic Echinoidea

[= Perischoechinoidea McCoy, 1849. Includes orders Bothriocidaroida Zittel, 1879, Echinocystitoida Jackson 1912, Megalopoda MacBride & Spencer, 1938, Palaechinoida Haeckel, 1866]


 Echinoids with:

  • tTest composed of more than two columns of ambulacral and/or interambulacral plates in each zone;
  • No perignathic girdle.
Middle Ordovician to Upper Permian, worldwide.

All living echinoids have a test with alternating ambulacral and interambulacral zones of plates, each zone constructed from just two columns of plates. This is a synapomorphy for the crown group of the Echinoidea, and is also true for all post-Palaeozoic echinoids, bar one, Tiarechinus. By contrast almost all Palaeozoic echinoids have a test which departs from this basic pattern; Miocidaris being the only Palaeozoic taxon to follow the crown-group pattern. Bothriocidarids have a test that is composed exclusively of ambulacral plates while various other groups have either large numbers of ambulacral or interambulacral plates in each zone. These groups fall into the stem group of the Echinoidea.

A preliminary phylogenetic analysis of Palaeozoic echinoids was published by Smith (1984). However, a more rigorous analysis is needed to provide a robust framework for ordering these various groups. Here the stem group is divided into a number of taxa which, in some cases, probably represent grades rather than monophyletic clades.

An account of the morphological diversification of Palaeozoic echinoids is given by Kier (1965), and Jackson (1912) remains the most exhaustive account of many of the taxa.

The following Palaeozoic taxa are indeterminate and are omitted from the following keys and discussion:

Lanternarius Regnell, 1956
Kongielechinus Jesionek-Szymanska, 1979
Protocidaris Whidborne, 1898
Rhoechinus Keeping, 1876
Silurocidaris Regnell, 1956
Tornquistellus Berg, 1899

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