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Key to the genera of Temnopleuridae

1a. Sexual dimorphic species; females with apical part of corona invaginated and apical disc as large or larger than peristome.
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1b. Sexes similar; periapical region not sunken as a marsupium; apical disc always much smaller than peristome.
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2a. Marsupia developed as five radial interradial pouches aborally in female.
2b. Marsupia not developed as five radial interradial pouches aborally in female.
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3a. Marsupia developed as deep interradial depressions aborally in female.
3b. Entire adapical region sunken; no sunken interradial marsupia on corona of females.
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4a. Test sculpture confined to just adapical interambulacral plates in marsupium
4b. Test sculpture well developed over all interambulacral plates.

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5a. Test ornament fine, with numerous pits in amongst the secondary tubercles of interambulacral plates.
5b. Test ornament of large pits at triple suture points.
6a. Pits relatively large and transversely elongate. Pore zones more or less uniserial.
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6b. Pits small and punctiform, may be lost in adults. Pore zones in offset triads.
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