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Haeckeliania Girault, 1912

[ Trichogrammatidae : Trichogrammatinae : Trichogrammatini ]
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Haeckeliania Girault
Girault, A.A. 1912, Australian Hymenoptera Chalcidoidea. I. The family Trichogrammatidae with description of new genera and species. Memoirs of the Queensland Museum 1:97 [ Trichogrammatidae. ]     view Girault, A.A.  (1912) in PDF format
New genus
Type species: Haeckeliania haeckeli Girault, by monotypy
Lin, N.Q. (1994), Systematic studies of Chinese Trichogrammatidae. Contributions of the Biological Control Research Institute, Fujian Agricultural University, Special Publication No 4 pp. 362pp Chongqing Publishing House, Chongqing, China    
Valid genus (pages 115-118,237-238)
Owen, A.K.; Pinto, J.D. (2004), Pachamama, an uncommon and distinctive new genus of Trichogrammatidae (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) from tropical America. Zootaxa 664 pp. 1-8    
Compared with Pachamama Owen and Pinto (page 7)
Pinto, J.D. (2006), A review of the New World genera of Trichogrammatidae (Hymenoptera). Journal of Hymenoptera Research 15(1) pp. 38-163    
Compared with Pachamama Owen and Pinto (page 67)
Compared with Pseuduscana Pinto (page 108)
Compared with Trichogrammatella Girault (page 64)
Compared with Brachyufens Viggiani (page 64)
Compared with Eutrichogramma Lin (page 64)
Compared with Ophioneurus Ratzeburg (page 64)