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Adryas Pinto and Owen, 2004

[ Trichogrammatidae : Oligositinae : Chaetostrichini ]
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Adryas Pinto and Owen
Pinto, J.D.; Owen, A.K. 2004, Adryas, a new genus of Trichogrammatidae (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) from the New World tropics. Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 106(4):908-909 [ Trichogrammatidae, Chaetostrichini. ]    
New genus
Type species: Adryas magister Pinto & Owen, original designation
Compared with Uscanopsis Girault (pages 909-909)
Compared with Uscanoidea Girault (page 909)
Compared with Lathrogramma De Santis (page 909)
Pinto, J.D. (2006), A review of the New World genera of Trichogrammatidae (Hymenoptera). Journal of Hymenoptera Research 15(1) pp. 38-163    
Compared with Zaga Girault (page 87)
Compared with Pachamama Owen and Pinto (pages 67,117)
Compared with Uscanoidea Girault (page 87)
Compared with Uscanopsis Girault (page 87)