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Trigonoderus Westwood, 1832

[ Pteromalidae : Pteromalinae ]
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Pteromalus (Pterolycus Ratzeburg)
Ratzeburg, J.T.C. 1848, Die Ichneumonen der Forstinsekten in entomologischer und forstlicher Beziehung 2:208 Berlin     view Ratzeburg, J.T.C.  (1848) in PDF format
Type species: Pteromalus brandtii Ratzeburg, by subsequent designation of, Gahan, A.B.; Fagan, M.M. (1923), The type species of the genera of Chalcidoidea or chalcid-flies. Bulletin of the United States National Museum, Washington 124:126
Trigonoderus Westwood
Westwood, J.O. 1832, Descriptions of several new British forms amongst the parasitic hymenopterous insects. Philosophical Magazine (3) 1:127     view Westwood, J.O.  (1832) in PDF format
New genus
Type species: Trigonoderus princeps Westwood, by monotypy
Westwood, J.O. (1839), Synopsis of the genera of British insects. Order VI. Trichoptera Kirby. Order VII. Hymenoptera Linn. (Piezata Fab.). Introduction to the modern classification of insects founded on the natural habits and corresponding organisation; with observations on the economy and transformations of the different families. 2(XIII) (appendix) pp. 49-80 Longman, Orme, Brown, Green, and Longmans, London    
Type species cited as Trigonoderus obscurus Walker (page 71)
Dalla Torre, K.W. von (1898), Catalogus Hymenopterorum hucusque descriptorum systematicus et synonymicus. V. Chalcididae et Proctotrupidae. pp. 598pp Lepzig     view Westwood, J.O.  (1832) in PDF format
Valid genus (page 179)
[ Cleonyminae. ]
Girault, A.A. (1917), The North-American species of Trigonoderus Westwood, females. Entomological News 28 pp. 396-397     view Westwood, J.O.  (1832) in PDF format
Valid genus (pages 396-397)
Kerrich, G.J.; Graham, M.W.R. de V. (1957), Systematic notes on British and Swedish Cleonymidae, with description of a new genus (Hym., Chalcidoidea). Transactions of the Society for British Entomology 12 pp. 265-311, 2 pls, 24 figs    
Valid genus (page 284)
Boucek, Z. (1958), Eine Cleonyminen-Studie; Bestimmungsstabelle der Gattungen mit Beschreibungen und Notizen, eingeschlossen einige Eupelmidae (Hym. Chalcidoidea). Sborník Entomologického Oddeleni Národního Musea v Praze 32 pp. 353-386    
Valid genus (page 364)
Graham, M.W.R. de V. (1993), Revision of European species of the genera Trigonoderus Westwood and Plutothrix Förster (Hym., Pteromalidae). Entomologist's Monthly Magazine 129 pp. 107-118    
Compared with Plutothrix Foerster (page 108)
Valid genus (pages 108-111)
Yang, Z.Q. (1996), Parasitic wasps on bark beetles in China (Hymenoptera) pp. iv+363pp Science Press, Beijing    
Valid genus (pages 114-118)
Narendran, T.C. (2012), On a new species of Trigonoderus Westwood (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae) with a key to Oriental species and a checklist of world species. Biosystematica 6(1) pp. 27-32    
Compared with Ogloblinisca Hedqvist (page 28)
Compared with Plutothrix Foerster (page 28)
Compared with Miscogasteriella Girault (page 28)