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Oxysychus maindroni (Risbec, 1955)

[ Pteromalidae : Pteromalinae ]

Ormyromorpha bouyssoui maindroni Risbec
Risbec, J. 1955, Chalcidoïdes et proctotrupoïdes africaines. Bulletin de l'Institut Français d'Afrique Noire 17:575 [ The species name bouyssoui is a lapsus for chappiusi Risbec - see Boucek, 1976: J. ent. Soc. sth. Afr. 39:21. ]    
Variety , Somalia
Oxysychus maindroni (Risbec)
Boucek, Z. (1976), African Pteromalidae (Hymenoptera); new taxa synonymies and combinations. Journal of the Entomological Society of Southern Africa 39(1) pp. 9-31    
New status, new combination for Ormyromorpha bouyssoui maindroni Risbec (page 21)
Narendran, T.C.; Van Harten, A. (2011), On Oxysychus Delucchi (Hymenoptera: Pteromalide [sic]) of Middle East and adjacent east Africa with description of two new species and a key to species. Biosystematica 5(1) pp. 65-72    
Compared with Oxysychus prosphatosus Narendran and Van Harten (page 70)