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Muscidifurax Girault and Sanders, 1910

[ Pteromalidae : Pteromalinae ]
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Muscidifurax Girault and Sanders
Girault, A.A.; Sanders, G.E. 1910, The chalcidoid parasites of the common house or typhoid fly (Musca domestica Linn.) and its allies. iii. Description of a new North American genus and species of the family Pteromalidae from Illinois, parasitic on Musca domestica Linn., with biological notes. Psyche, Cambridge 17:146     view Girault, A.A.; Sanders, G.E.  (1910) in PDF format
New genus
Type species: Muscidifurax raptor Girault & Sanders, original designation and monotypy
Kogan, M.; Legner, E.F. (1970), A biosystematic revision of the genus Muscidifurax (Hym., Pteromalidae) with descriptions of four new species. Canadian Entomologist 102(10) pp. 1268-1290    
Valid genus (pages 1268-1290)
Propp, G.D. (1984), Isoenzyme characterization of intra- and interspecific variations of parasitoids of synanthropic Diptera. Abstracts, XII International Congress of Entomology, Hamburg, August 20-26, 1984 pp. 705    
Valid genus (page 705)
Narendran, T.C.; Girish Kumar, P.; Sheeba, M.; Kishore, L. (2006), Three new species of Pteromalidae (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) from middle-east. Uttar Pradesh Journal of Zoology 26(1) pp. 29-34    
Compared with Eumacepolus yemensis Narendran (page 31)
[ Authors compare "E. muscidifurax" Girault & Sanders but this is obviously a lapsus for Muscidifurax Girault & Sanders. ]
Smeagolia Hedqvist
Hedqvist, K.J. 1973, Two new genera and species of the family Pteromalidae from Sweden. Entomologica Scandinavica 4(3):237 [ Near Muscidifurax Girault & Sanders. ]    
New genus
Type species: Smeagolia perplexa Hedqvist, original designation and monotypy
Boucek, Z. (1991), Four new genera of European Pteromalidae (Hymenoptera), with some taxonomic changes. Bollettino di Zoologia Agraria e Bachicoltura, Milano (2) 22(2) pp. 195-206    
Synonym of Muscidifurax Girault and Sanders (page 203)