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Metastenus concinnus Walker, 1834

[ Pteromalidae : Pteromalinae ]
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Meraporus concinnus (Walker)
Blanchard, E. (1840), Histoire naturelle des Insectes 3 pp. 672pp, 155 plates Paris     view   () in PDF format
New combination for Metastenus concinnus Walker (page 270)
Metastenus concinnus Walker
Walker, F. 1834, Monographia Chalciditum. (Continued.) Entomological Magazine 2(3):302     view Walker, F.  (1834) in PDF format
New species, Lectotype , BMNH, United Kingdom, designated by Graham, M.W.R. de V. (1956) (26/09/1956), A revision of the Walker types of Pteromalidae (Hym., Chalcidoidea). Part 2 (including descriptions of new genera and species). Entomologist's Monthly Magazine 92:256
Sureshan, P.M.; Narendran, T.C. (2002), The species of Metastenus Walker and Acroclisoides Girault & Dodd (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea: Pteromalidae) from India. Records of the Zoological Survey of India 100(3/4) pp. 123-131    
Compared with Metastenus indicus Sureshan and Narendran (page 124)
Metastenus mesnili (Ferriere)
Graham, M.W.R. de V. (1969), The Pteromalidae of north-western Europe (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea). Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History) (Entomology) Supplement 16 pp. 908pp, 686 figs     view   () in PDF format
New combination for Scymnophagus mesnili Ferriere (pages 829-830)
Scymnophagus mesnili Ferriere
Delucchi, V. 1954, Pullus impexus (Muls.) (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae), a predator of Adelges piceae (Ratz.) (Hemiptera, Adelgidae), with notes on its parasites. Bulletin of Entomological Research 45(2):264-266 [ The species is correctly attributed to Ferrière. Delucchi quoted Ferrière's description of the species and therefore it is judged that Ferrière was responsible for meeting the criteria of the ICZN (1985) for making a name available. ]    
New species, , Holotype , BMNH, Germany
Boucek, Z. (1991), Four new genera of European Pteromalidae (Hymenoptera), with some taxonomic changes. Bollettino di Zoologia Agraria e Bachicoltura, Milano (2) 22(2) pp. 195-206    
Synonym of Metastenus concinnus Walker (page 203)