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Mesopolobus mayetiolae Gahan, 1919

[ Pteromalidae : Pteromalinae ]
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Amblymerus mayetiolae (Gahan)
Gahan, A.B. (1933), The serphoid and chalcidoid parasites of the hessian fly. Miscellaneous Publication of the United States Department of Agriculture 174 pp. 147pp     view   () in PDF format
New combination for Eutelus mayetiolae Gahan (page 65)
Peck, O. (1963), A catalogue of the Nearctic Chalcidoidea (Insecta; Hymenoptera). Canadian Entomologist (Supplement) 30 pp. 1-1092    
Valid species (page 661)
Eutelus mayetiolae Gahan
Gahan, A.B. 1919, New reared parasitic Hymenoptera, with some notes on synonymy. Proceedings of the United States National Museum 55:128     view Gahan, A.B.  (1919) in PDF format
New species, USNM, United States of America-California
Mesopolobus mayetiolae (Gahan)
Rosen, H. von (1958), Zur Kenntnis der europäischen Arten des Pteromaliden-Genus Mesopolobus Westwood 1833 (Hym., Chalc.). Opuscula Entomologica, Lund 23 pp. 203-240    
New combination for Eutelus mayetiolae Gahan (pages 207, 228)