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Mauleus Graham, 1981

[ Pteromalidae : Miscogastrinae ]
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Mauleus Graham
Graham, M.W.R. de V. 1981, A survey of Madeiran Chalcidoidea (Insecta: Hymenoptera) with additions and descriptions of new taxa. Bocagiana 58:8 [ Miscogasterini, near Thinodytes Graham. ]    
New genus
Type species: Mauleus maderensis Graham, by monotypy
Heydon, S.L. (1995), A review of the North American species of Thinodytes Graham and Mauleus Graham (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae). Journal of Hymenoptera Research 4 pp. 1-24     view Graham, M.W.R. de V.  (1981) in PDF format
Valid genus (pages 2-3,16-22)