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Thaumasura australica (Westwood, 1874)

[ Pteromalidae : Cleonyminae ]

Belonea australica Westwood
Westwood, J.O. 1874, Thesaurus entomologicus Oxoniensis; or, illustrations of new, rare, and interesting insects, for the most part contained in the collection presented to the University of Oxford by the Rev. F.W. Hope. pp.147 Oxford     view Westwood, J.O.  (1874) in PDF format
New species, figs., Holotype , HDOU, Australia-South Australia
Thaumasura australica (Westwood)
Boucek, Z. (1988), Australasian Chalcidoidea (Hymenoptera). A biosystematic revision of genera of fourteen families, with a reclassification of species. pp. 832pp. CAB International, Wallingford, Oxon, U.K., Cambrian News Ltd; Aberystwyth, Wales    
New combination for Belonea australica Westwood (page 245)