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Perilampus stygicus Provancher, 1888

[ Perilampidae : Perilampinae ]
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Perilampus stygicus Provancher
Provancher, L. 1888, Additions à la faune hyménoptérologique. Naturaliste Canadiene 17:406    
New species, Lectotype , LUQC, Canada-Quebec, designated by Gahan, A.B.; Rohwer, S.A. (1918) (05/03/1918), Lectotypes of the species of Hymenoptera (except Apoidea) described by Abbé Provancher. Canadian Entomologist 50(3):106
Zuglavas stygicus (Provancher)
Argaman, Q. (1990), A synopsis of Perilampus Latreille with descriptions of new genera and species (Hymenoptera: Perilampidae), I. Acta Zoologica Hungarica 36(3-4) pp. 189-263    
New combination for Perilampus stygicus Provancher (pages 213,251)