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Anagrus quasibrevis S. Triapitsyn, 2001

[ Mymaridae ]
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Anagrus quasibrevis S. Triapitsyn
Pintureau, B.; Mille, C.; Tabone, E. (2011), Hymenopteran oophagous parasites of New Caledonia, mainly present on cultivated plants. Entomologie Faunistique 63(3):141
(Earliest use of name recorded in this database)
Anagrus (Anagrella) quasibrevis S. Triapitsyn
Triapitsyn, S.V. 2001, Review of the Australasian species of Anagrus (Hymenoptera Mymaridae). Belgian Journal of Entomology 3:269,271-272    
New species, , figs., Holotype , UCD, Papua New Guinea
Compared with Anagrus brevis Chiappini and Lin (page 272)