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Anagrus putnamii Packard, 1864

[ Mymaridae ]
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Anagrus putnamii (Packard)
Annecke, D.P.; Doutt, R.L. (1961), The genera of the Mymaridae. Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea. Entomology Memoirs, Department of Agricultural Technical Services, Republic of South Africa 5 pp. 1-71     view   () in PDF format
New combination for Pteratomus putnamii Packard (page 8)
Pteratomus putnamii Packard
Packard, A.S. 1864, The humble bees of New England and their parasites; with notices of a new species of Anthophorabia, and a new genus of Proctotrupidae. Proceedings of the Essex Institute 4:138, Plate 3    
New species, figs. , United States of America-Vermont
Triapitsyn, S.V. (2015), Taxonomy of the genus Anagrus Haliday (Hymenoptera: Mymaridae) of thw world: an annotated key to the described species, discussion of the emaining problems, and a checklist. Acta Zool√≥gica Lilloana 59(-2) pp. 3-50     view Packard, A.S.  (1864) in PDF format
Nomen dubium (page 44)