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mira Annecke and Doutt, 1961

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Erdoesiella mirum (Annecke and Doutt)
Fidalgo, P. (1992), Sobre Erdoesiella Soyka, 1956, genero neotropical poco conocido de mymarini (Hymenoptera: Mymaridae). Physis (C) 47(113) pp. 73-77    
New combination for Tanaomymar mirum Annecke and Doutt (pages 76-77)
Tanaomymar mirum Annecke and Doutt
Annecke, D.P.; Doutt, R.L. 1961, The genera of the Mymaridae. Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea. Entomology Memoirs, Department of Agricultural Technical Services, Republic of South Africa 5:52     view Annecke, D.P.; Doutt, R.L.  (1961) in PDF format
New species, figs., USNM, Trinidad & Tobago