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Eurytomidae Walker 1832

[ Eurytomidae : Heimbrinae ]

Eurytomidae Walker
Walker, F. 1832, Monographia Chalciditum. Entomological Magazine 1(1):12-13     view Walker, F.  (1832) in PDF format
Family of Chalcides
Type genus: Eurytoma Illiger
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Family of Chalcidoidea Latreille (page 230)
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Family of Chalcidoidea Latreille (pages 238-274)
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Family of Chalcidoidea Latreille (pages 1-89)
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Family of Chalcidoidea Latreille (page 294)
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Family of Chalcidoidea Latreille (page 87)
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Family of Chalcidoidea Latreille (pages 1-10)
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Family of Chalcidoidea Latreille (pages 1-17)
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Family of Chalcidoidea Latreille (pages 110-112)
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Family of Chalcidoidea Latreille (pages 87-89)
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Family of Chalcidoidea Latreille (pages 165-172)
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Family of Chalcidoidea Latreille (pages 93-267, 304-369)
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Family of Chalcidoidea Latreille (pages 42-47)
Yang, Z.Q. (1996), Parasitic wasps on bark beetles in China (Hymenoptera) pp. iv+363pp Science Press, Beijing    
Family of Chalcidoidea Latreille (pages 33-67,301-306)
Eurytomides Walker
Westwood, J.O. (1839), Hymenoptera. Introduction to the modern classification of insects founded on the natural habits and corresponding organisation; with observations on the economy and transformations of the different families. 2(XI) pp. 129-192 Longman, Orme, Brown, Green, and Longmans, London    
Subfamily of Chalcididae Latreille (page 166)
Eurytomina Walker
Thomson, C.G. (1876), Skandinaviens Hymenoptera 4 pp. 192pp Lund     view   () in PDF format
Valid tribe of Pteromalidae Dalman (pages 11,25)
Eurytomoidae Walker
Förster, A. (1856), Hymenopterologische Studien. 2. Chalcidiae und Proctotrupii. pp. 152pp Aachen     view   () in PDF format
Family of Chalcidiae Latreille (pages 19,23,44)