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Parabruchophagus Zerova, 1992

[ Eurytomidae : Eurytominae ]
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Bruchophagus (Parabruchophagus Zerova)
Zerova, M.D. 1992, New species of the genus Bruchophagus (Hymenoptera, Eurytomidae) with taxonomic analysis. Vestnik Zoologii, Kiev 1992(5):26-28    
Type species: Bruchophagus tauricus Zerova, original designation
Parabruchophagus Zerova
Zerova, M.D. (2011), A new status of the subgenus Parabruchophagus Zerova, 1992 (Hymenoptera: Eurytomidae) and its composition. Russian Entomological Journal 20(3) pp. 345-350    
New status for Bruchophagus Zerova (pages 345-350)
[ Support for recognition of Parabruchophagus as a valid taxon is very weak. The sugested diagnostic characters are exhibited widely throughout Bruchophagus. ]