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Melittobia hawaiiensis Perkins, 1907

[ Eulophidae : Tetrastichinae ]
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Melittobia hawaiiensis Perkins
Perkins, R.C.L. 1907, Melittobia hawaiiensis sp. nov. Proceedings of the Hawaiian Entomological Society 1:124     view Perkins, R.C.L.  (1907) in PDF format
New species, Neotype, BMNH, Hawaii, designated by Gradwell, G.R. (1959) (12/02/1959), The selection of a neotype for Melittobia hawaiiensis Perkins and re-erection of the genus Aceratoneuromyia Girault (Hym., Eulophidae). Entomologist's Monthly Magazine 94:277
Sphecophagus sceliphronidis Brethes
Brèthes, J. 1910, Himenopteros Argentinos. Anales del Museo Nacional de Historia Natural de Buenos Aires (3) 20:209     view Brèthes, J.  (1910) in PDF format
New species , Argentina
De Santis, L. (1957), Anotaciones sobre calcidoideos Argentinos (Hymenoptera). Notas del Museo de La Plata, Buenos Aires (Zoologia) 19(173) pp. 107-119    
Synonym of Melittobia acasta (Walker) (page 110)
Dahms, E.C. (1984), Revision of the genus Melittobia (Chalcidoidea: Eulophidae) with the description of seven new species. Memoirs of the Queensland Museum 21 pp. 271-336    
Synonym of Melittobia hawaiiensis Perkins (page 299)