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Aprostocetus tesserus Burks, 1943

[ Eulophidae : Tetrastichinae ]
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Aprostocetus (Aprostocetus) tesserus (Burks)
LaSalle, J. (1992), Comments on the proposed conservation of some generic names first proposed in Histoire abrégé des insectes qui se trouvent aux environs de Paris (Geoffroy, 1762) (Crustacea and Insecta). Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature 49 pp. 71    
New combination for Tetrastichus tesserus Burks (page 150)
Tetrastichus tesserus Burks
Burks, B.D. 1943, The North American parasitic wasps of the genus Tetrastichus. Proceedings of the United States National Museum 93:552    
New species, USNM, United States of America-Michigan