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Aprostocetus coimbatorensis Rohwer, 1921

[ Eulophidae : Tetrastichinae ]
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Aprostocetus coimbatorensis (Rohwer)
Kausalya, K.G.; Nwanze, K.F.; Reddy, Y.V.R.; Nwilene, F.E.; Reddy, D.R.R. (1997), Emergence pattern of sorghum midge and its major parasitoids on midge-resistant and susceptible genotypes. Biocontrol Science and Technology 7(2) pp. 259-269    
New combination for Tetrastichus coimbatorensis Rohwer (pages 259-269)
Tetrastichus coimbatorensis Rohwer
Rohwer, S.A. 1921, Description of new chalcidoid flies from Coimbatore, south India. Annals and Magazine of Natural History (9) 7:133     view Rohwer, S.A.  (1921) in PDF format
New species, USNM, India-Tamil Nadu