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Closterocerus scapiatus Singh and Khan, 1996

[ Eulophidae : Entedoninae ]

Closterocerus scapiatus Singh and Khan
Singh, J.R.S.; Khan, M.A. 1996, Description of a new species of Closterocerus Westwood (Chalcidoidea: Eulophidae), a parasitoid associated with sisam leaf miner. Journal of Insect Science, Ludhiana 9(2):158-159    
New species, , figs., Holotype , ZSIC, India-Uttar Pradesh
Compared with Closterocerus phytomyzae Mani (page 159)
Closterocerus trifasciata Singh and Khan
Khan, M.A.; Agnihotri, M.; Sushil, S.N. (2005), Taxonomic studies of eulophid parasitoids (Hymenopptera: Chalcidoidea) of India. Pantnagar Journal of Research 2(1)(Special Suppl.) pp. 230pp    
Lapsus for Closterocerus scapiatus Singh and Khan (pages 97,99)
[ The species name trifasciata Singh & Khan must be considered a lapsus calami for scapiatus Singh & Khan since the figure presented on page 99 as trifasciata is identical to that given in the original description of Closterocerus scapiatus. ]