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Closterocerus oryzamyntor Gumovsky and Zhu, 2006

[ Eulophidae : Entedoninae ]

Closterocerus oryzamyntor Gumovsky and Zhu
Gumovsky, A.; Polaszek, A.; Murphy, S.T.; Rabbi, M.F.; Zhu, C.D. 2006, Closterocerus oryzamyntor (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae: Entedoninae), a larval parasitoid of the rice hispa Dicladispa armigera in Bangladesh (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Hispinae). Zootaxa 1241:53-58    
New species, , figs., Holotype , BMNH, Bangladesh
Compared with Closterocerus acuminatus (Hansson) (page 57)
Compared with Closterocerus chlorogaster (Erdos) (page 57)
Compared with Closterocerus ruforum (Krausse) (page 57)