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Euplectrus platyhypenae Howard, 1885

[ Eulophidae : Eulophinae ]
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Euplectrus plathyhypenae Howard
Bultman, T.L.; Borowicz, K.L.; Schneble, R.M.; Coudron, T.A.; Bush, L.P. (1997), Effect of a fungal endophyte on the growth and survival of two Euplectrus parasitoids. Oikos 78(1) pp. 170-176    
Misspelling of species group name Euplectrus platyhypenae Howard (pages 170-176)
Euplectrus plathypenae Howard
Coudron, T.A.; Schauff, M.E.; Steiner, W.W.; Dillwith, J.W.; Bergman, D.K.; Puttler, B.; Sacks, J.M. (1993), Morphological and chemical differences between the ectoparasitoids Euplectrus comstockii and Euplectrus platyhypenae (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae). Annals of the Entomological Society of America 86(5) pp. 551-559    
Misspelling of species group name Euplectrus platyhypenae Howard (pages 551-559)
Euplectrus plathyphenae Howard
Rios-Velasco, C.; Gallegos-Campos, J.; Cerna-Chavez, E.; Del Rincon-Castro, M.C.; Valenzuela-Garcia, R. (2011), Natural enemies of the fall armyworm Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in Coahuila, Mexico. Florida Entomologist 94(3) pp. 723-726     view   () in PDF format
Misspelling of species group name Euplectrus platyhypenae Howard (page 723)
Euplectrus platyhypenae Howard
Howard, L.O. 1885, Descriptions of North American Chalcididae from the collections of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and of Dr C.V. Riley, with biological notes. (First paper). Together with a list of the described North American species of the family. Bulletin of the United States Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Entomology No 5:26     view Howard, L.O.  (1885) in PDF format
New species, Lectotype , USNM, Canada-British Columbia, designated by Hansson, C.; Smith, M.A.; Janzen, D.H.; Hallwachs, W (2015) (10/03/2015), Integrative taxonomy of New World Euplectrus Westwood (Hymenoptera, Eulophidae), with focus on 55 new species from Area de Conservación Guanacaste, northwestern Costa Rica. ZooKeys 485:103
Kamijo, K. (2003), Two new species of Euplectrus (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) from Japan. Japanese Journal of Systematic Entomology 9(1) pp. 37-41    
Compared with Euplectrus kuboi Kamijo (page 40)
Compared with Euplectrus separatae Kamijo (page 38)
Zhu, C.D.; Huang, D.W. (2003), A study of the genus Euplectrus Westwood (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) in China. Zoological Studies 42(1) pp. 140-164     view Howard, L.O.  (1885) in PDF format
Compared with Euplectrus nigrescens Ferriere (page 161)
Yang, Z.Q.; Yao, Y.X.; Cao, L.M. (2015), Chalcidoidea parasitizing forest defoliators (Hymenoptera) pp. 296pp Science Press, Beijing, China (ISBN 978-7-03-043647-4)    
Compared with Euplectrus varifuniculus Yang and Cao (pages 109,244)
Hansson, C.; Schmidt, S. (2018), Revision of the European species of Euplectrus Westwood (Hymenoptera, Eulophidae), with a key to European species of Euplectrini. Journal of Hymenoptera Research 67 pp. 1-35     view Howard, L.O.  (1885) in PDF format
Compared with Euplectrus nigriceps Ferriere (page 24)
Euplectrus platyhyperae Howard
Haeselbarth, E. (1989), Determination list of entomophagous insects. No. 11. Bulletin. Section Regionale Ouest Palaearctique, Organisation Internationale de Lutte Biologique. 12(7) pp. i+63pp    
Misspelling of species group name Euplectrus platyhypenae Howard (page 32)
Euplectus plathyhypenae Howard
Rojas Rojas, J.A.; Gomez Sousa, J.R.; Barreda Valdezm A. (2001), Control of Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith) using different biological methods. Centro Agrícola, Cuba 28(2) pp. 19-22    
Misspelling of genus and species names of Euplectrus platyhypenae Howard (pages 19-22)