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Diglyphus begini Ashmead, 1904

[ Eulophidae : Eulophinae ]
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Diaulinus begini (Ashmead)
Crawford, J.C. (1912), Descriptions of new Hymenoptera, no 5. Proceedings of the United States National Museum 43 pp. 163-188     view   () in PDF format
New combination for Diaulus begini Ashmead (page 183)
Diaulus begini Ashmead
Ashmead, W.H. 1904, Classification of the chalcid flies of the superfamily Chalcidoidea, with descriptions of new species in the Carnegie Museum, collected in South America by Herbert H. Smith. Memoirs of the Carnegie Museum 1(4):356     view Ashmead, W.H.  (1904) in PDF format
New species, , USNM, Canada-Quebec
Diglyphus begini (Ashmead)
Peck, O. (1963), A catalogue of the Nearctic Chalcidoidea (Insecta; Hymenoptera). Canadian Entomologist (Supplement) 30 pp. 1-1092    
New combination for Diaulus begini Ashmead (page 102)
Ahmad, M.J.; Khursheed, I.; Azim, M.N. (2013), A new species of Diglyphus Walker (Chalcidoidea: Eulophidae) on mustard leaf miner Chromatomyia horticola (Goureau) from Kashmir, India. Journal of Entomological Research 37(2) pp. 163-166    
Compared with Diglyphus kashmiricus Ahmad, Khurseed and Azim (page 165)
Diglyphus bigini Ashmead
Yefremova, Z.A. (2007), The subfamilies Eulophinae, Euderinae and Entedoninae (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) in Yemen. Fauna of Arabia 23 pp. 335-368    
Misspelling of species group name Diglyphus begini (Ashmead) (page 341)
Solenotus begini (Ashmead)
Hills, O.A.; Taylor, E.A. (1951), Parasitization of dipterous leaf miners in cantaloups and lettuce in the Salt River valley, Arizona. Journal of Economic Entomology 44(5):760-762
(Earliest use of name recorded in this database)