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Cirrospilus nigriscutum (Girault, 1915)

[ Eulophidae : Eulophinae ]

Cirrospilus nigriscutum (Girault)
Boucek, Z. (1988), Australasian Chalcidoidea (Hymenoptera). A biosystematic revision of genera of fourteen families, with a reclassification of species. pp. 832pp. CAB International, Wallingford, Oxon, U.K., Cambrian News Ltd; Aberystwyth, Wales    
New combination for Pseudiglyphomyia nigriscutum Girault (page 615)
De Santis, L. (1994), Dos nuevos microhimenopteros criados de materiales de la falsa oruga defoliadora de los sauces (Hymenoptera). Anales de la Academia Nacional de Ciencas de Buenos Aires 1994 pp. 269-273    
Compared with Cirrospilus gracielae De Santis (pages 270-271)
Pseudiglyphomyia nigriscutum Girault
Girault, A.A. 1915, Australian Hymenoptera Chalcidoidea IV. Supplement. Memoirs of the Queensland Museum 3:276     view Girault, A.A.  (1915) in PDF format
New species, Holotype , QMB, Australia-New South Wales