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Stilbula Spinola, 1811

[ Eucharitidae : Eucharitinae ]
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Eltolada Cameron
Cameron, P. 1909, On two new genera and seven species of Chalcididae (Eucharinae) from Borneo. Entomologist 42:230     view Cameron, P.  (1909) in PDF format
New genus
Type species: Eltolada trimaculata Cameron, by subsequent designation of, Gahan, A.B.; Fagan, M.M. (1923), The type species of the genera of Chalcidoidea or chalcid-flies. Bulletin of the United States National Museum, Washington 124:50
Hedqvist, K.J. (1978), Some Chalcidoidea collected in the Philippine, Bismarck and Solomon Islands: II. Eucharitidae, with keys and check-lists of Indo-Australian genera (Insecta, Hymenoptera). Steenstrupia, Copenhagen 4(20) pp. 227-248    
Synonym of Stilbula Spinola (page 245)
Stilbula Spinola
Spinola, M. 1811, Essai d'une nouvelle classification générale des Diplolépaires. Annales du Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle. Paris. 17:150     view Spinola, M.  (1811) in PDF format
New genus
Type species: Ichneumon cyniformis Rossi, by monotypy
Dalla Torre, K.W. von (1898), Catalogus Hymenopterorum hucusque descriptorum systematicus et synonymicus. V. Chalcididae et Proctotrupidae. pp. 598pp Lepzig     view Spinola, M.  (1811) in PDF format
Valid genus (page 363)
[ Eucharidinae. ]
Ashmead, W.H. (1904), Classification of the chalcid flies of the superfamily Chalcidoidea, with descriptions of new species in the Carnegie Museum, collected in South America by Herbert H. Smith. Memoirs of the Carnegie Museum 1(4) pp. i-xi,225-551,39pls     view Spinola, M.  (1811) in PDF format
Valid genus (page 268)
[ Eucharidae. ]
Gussakovskiy, V.V. (1940), Notes on the Palaearctic species of Eucharidinae (Hymenoptera, Chalcididae). Trudy Zoologicheskogo Instituta. Akademiya Nauk SSSR. Leningrad. 6 pp. 150-170     view Spinola, M.  (1811) in PDF format
Valid genus (page 168)
Narendran, T.C.; Sheela, S. (1996), Description of three new species of Oriental Stilbula Spinola (Hymenoptera: Eucharitidae) with a key to Indopacific species. Entomon 21(1) pp. 65-75    
Valid genus (pages 70-74)