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Zaplatycerus tachikawai Subba Rao, 1965

[ Encyrtidae : Tetracneminae ]
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Neoplatycerus tachikawai Subba Rao
Subba Rao, B.R. 1965, A new genus of Encyrtidae from India. Proceedings of the Royal Entomological Society of London (B) 34:151    
New species, figs., Holotype , IARI, India-Odisha null:

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Zaplatycerus tachikawai (Subba Rao)
Hayat, M. (2012), Taxonomic notes on Indian Encyrtidae (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) - VI. Oriental Insects 46(2) pp. 163-181    
New combination for Neoplatycerus tachikawai Subba Rao (page 177)