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Leptomastix abyssinica Compere, 1931

[ Encyrtidae : Tetracneminae ]
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Leptomastix abyssinica Compere
Compere, H. 1931, New encyrtid (Hymenoptera) parasites of Pseudococcus species from Eritrea. University of California Publications in Entomology 5:267 [ According to M.E. Schauff (pers. comm.) the type material is missing. ]     view Compere, H.  (1931) in PDF format
New species, figs., Holotype , USNM, Eritrea
Leptomastix abyssinicum Compere
Compere, H. (1938), A report on some miscellaneous African Encyrtidae in the British Museum. Bulletin of Entomological Research 29 pp. 315-337     view   () in PDF format
Misspelling of species group name Leptomastix abyssinica Compere (page 325)