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Trichomasthus Thomson, 1876

[ Encyrtidae : Encyrtinae ]
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Coccidoxenus Crawford
Crawford, J.C. 1913, Descriptions of new Hymenoptera, no 6. Proceedings of the United States National Museum 45:248     view Crawford, J.C.  (1913) in PDF format
New genus
Type species: Coccidoxenus portoricensis Crawford, original designation and monotypy
Trjapitzin, V.A. (1968), The Genus Coccidoxenus Crawford 1913, a synonym of the genus Trichomasthus Thomson, 1875 (Hymenoptera, Encytidae). Entomologicheskoe Obozrenie 47(1) pp. 213-214    
Synonym of Trichomasthus Thomson (page 213)
Trichomasthus Thomson
Thomson, C.G. 1876, Skandinaviens Hymenoptera 4:142 Lund     view Thomson, C.G.  (1876) in PDF format
New genus
Type species: Encyrtus cyaneus Dalman, by subsequent designation of, Gahan, A.B.; Fagan, M.M. (1923), The type species of the genera of Chalcidoidea or chalcid-flies. Bulletin of the United States National Museum, Washington 124:148
Dalla Torre, K.W. von (1898), Catalogus Hymenopterorum hucusque descriptorum systematicus et synonymicus. V. Chalcididae et Proctotrupidae. pp. 598pp Lepzig     view Thomson, C.G.  (1876) in PDF format
Valid genus (page 247)
[ Encyrtinae. ]
Jensen, P.B.; Sharkov, A.V. (1989), Revision of the genus Trichomasthus (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae) in Europe and Soviet Asia. Entomologica Scandinavica 20 pp. 23-54    
Valid genus (pages 23-54)
Sugonjaev, E.S. (1989), Notes on taxonomy of encyrtid-wasps (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea, Encyrtidae), mainly parasites of soft scale (Homoptera, Coccoidea, Coccidae) in North America and West Indies. Trudy Zoologicheskogo Instituta. Akademiya Nauk SSSR. Leningrad. 191 pp. 90-102    
Valid genus (pages 90-97)
Zhang, Y.Z.; Huang, D.W. (2005), A new genus and a new species of Encyrtidae (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea) from China. Acta Zootaxonomica Sinica 30(1) pp. 150-154    
Compared with Clivia Zhang and Huang (page 153)
Noyes, J.S. (2010), Encyrtidae of Costa Rica (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea), 3. Subfamily Encyrtinae: Encyrtini, Echthroplexiellini, Discodini, Oobiini and Ixodiphagini, parasitoids associated with bugs (Hemiptera), insect eggs (Hemiptera, Lepidoptera, Coleoptera, Neuroptera) and ticks (Acari). Memoirs of the American Entomological Institute 84 pp. 848pp    
Compared with Cerides Noyes (page 545)
Compared with Tethencyrtus Noyes (pages 589-590)
Compared with Aloencyrtus Prinsloo (page 567)
Compared with Ooencyrtus Ashmead (page 567)
Compared with Encona Noyes (page 560)
Compared with Ooencyrtus Ashmead (page 368)