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Copidosoma graminis Noyes, 1989

[ Encyrtidae : Encyrtinae ]

Copidosoma graminis Noyes
Noyes, J.S. 1989, Copidosoma graminis sp.n. (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae), a polyembryonic parasitoid of armyworms (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in Australia. Bulletin of Entomological Research 79(3):367-370    
New species, , figs., Holotype , ANIC, Australia
Kazmi, S.I.; Hayat, M. (1998), Revision of the Indian Copidosomatini (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea: Encyrtidae). Oriental Insects 32 pp. 287-362     view Noyes, J.S.  (1989) in PDF format
Compared with Copidosoma transversum Kazmi and Hayat (page 325)