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Cerapteroceroides Ashmead, 1904

[ Encyrtidae : Encyrtinae ]
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Cerapteroceroides Ashmead
Ashmead, W.H. 1904, Descriptions of new Hymenoptera from Japan. II. Journal of the New York Entomological Society 12(3):156     view Ashmead, W.H.  (1904) in PDF format
New genus
Type species: Cerapteroceroides japonicus Ashmead, original designation and monotypy
Singh, S.; Agarwal, M.M. (1991), Descriptions of new species of Cerapteroceroides and Cerapterocerus (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae) from north-eastern India. Oriental Insects 25 pp. 211-220     view Ashmead, W.H.  (1904) in PDF format
Valid genus (pages 211-213)
Singh, S.; Agarwal, M.M. (1993), Taxonomic studies on Indian encyrtid parasites (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae) from north-eastern region. Aligarh Muslim University Zoological Publication on Indian Insect Types 14 pp. 180pp     view Ashmead, W.H.  (1904) in PDF format
Valid genus (pages 92-93)
Metacerapterocerus Ishii
Ishii, T. 1928, The Encyrtinae of Japan. I. Bulletin of the Imperial Agricultural Experiment Station of Japan 3:151     view Ishii, T.  (1928) in PDF format
New genus
Type species: Cerapterocerus fortunatus Ishii, original designation
Tachikawa, T. (1963), Revisional studies of the Encyrtidae of Japan (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea). Memoirs of Ehime University (6) 9 pp. 1-264    
Synonym of Cerapteroceroides Ashmead (page 142)