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Chalcididae Latreille 1817

[ Chalcididae : Haltichellinae ]

Aplorhini Masi
Masi, L. 1947, Nuovo contributo all conoscenza dei Dirhinini (Hymen. Chalc.). Eos. Revista Española di Entomologia. Madrid. 23:42    
Valid tribe of Brachymeriinae
Type genus: Aplorhinus Masi
Wijesekara, G.A.W. (1997), Phylogeny of Chalcididae (Insecta: Hymenoptera) and its congruence with contemporary hierarchical classification. Contributions of the American Entomological Institute 29(3) pp. 61pp    
Incertae sedis (pages 28,32)
[ Possibly belongs to the Dirhininae. ]
Chalcididae Latreille
Westwood, J.O. (1839), Hymenoptera. Introduction to the modern classification of insects founded on the natural habits and corresponding organisation; with observations on the economy and transformations of the different families. 2(XI) pp. 129-192 Longman, Orme, Brown, Green, and Longmans, London    
Family of Hymenoptera (page 154)
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Family of Chalcidoidea Latreille (page 229)
Family of Chalcidoidea Latreille (pages 246-257)
Girault, A.A. (1915), Australian Hymenoptera Chalcidoidea - XIV. The family Chalcididae with descriptions of new genera and species. Memoirs of the Queensland Museum 4 pp. 314-365     view   () in PDF format
Family of Chalcidoidea Latreille (pages 314-358)
Ferrière, C.; Kerrich, G.J. (1958), Hymenoptera 2. Chalcidoidea. Section (a) Agaontidae, Leucospidae, Chalcididae, Eucharitidae, Perilampidae, Cleonymidae and Thysanidae. Handbooks for the Identification of British Insects 8(2)(a) pp. 40pp, 79 figs, 5 Plates    
Family of Chalcidoidea Latreille (pages 11-21)
Copland, M.J.W.; King, P.E. (1972), The structure of the female reproductive system in the Chalcididae (Hym.). Entomologist's Monthly Magazine 107(1289-1291) pp. 230-239    
Family of Chalcidoidea Latreille (pages 230-239)
Roy, C.S.; Farooqi, S.I. (1984), Taxonomy of Indian Haltichellinae (Chalcididae: Hymenoptera) at National Pusa Collection, IARI, New Delhi. Memoirs of the Entomological Society of India 10 pp. 1-59    
Family of Chalcidoidea Latreille (page 3)
Husain, T. (1985), A Catalogue of family Chalcididae of India (Insecta: Hymenoptera) pp. 82+iv+2pp Centre for Studies on Science, Aligarh, India    
Family of Chalcidoidea Latreille (page 82+iv+2pp)
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Family of Chalcidoidea Latreille (pages 543-550)
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Family of Chalcidoidea Latreille (pages 37-83)
Narendran, T.C. (1989), Oriental Chalcididae (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea). pp. 441pp Zoological Monograph. Department of Zoology, University of Calicut, Kerala, India    
Family of Chalcidoidea Latreille (pages 8-16)
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Family of Chalcidoidea Latreille (pages 49-117)
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Family of Chalcidoidea Latreille (pages 349-372)
Wijesekara, G.A.W. (1997), Phylogeny of Chalcididae (Insecta: Hymenoptera) and its congruence with contemporary hierarchical classification. Contributions of the American Entomological Institute 29(3) pp. 61pp    
Family of Chalcidoidea Latreille (pages 1-61)
Jansta, P.; Cruaud, A.; Delvare, G.; Genson, G.; Heraty, J.; Krízková, B.; Raspus, J.-Y. (2018), Torymidae (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea) revised: molecular phylogeny, circumscription and reclassification of the family with discussion of its biogeography and evolution of life-history traits. Cladistics 34 pp. 627-651    
New status for Chalcimerini Boucek (page 639)
Chalcidites Latreille
Latreille, P.A. 1817, Les Crustacés, les Arachnides et les insectes. Le Règne Animal, distribué d'apres son organisation, pour servir de base a l'histoire naturelle des animaux et d'introduction a l'anatmoie comparée 3:473 (Ed: Cuvier, C.) Deterville, Paris    
Valid tribe of Pupivora
Type genus: Chalcis Fabricius
Latreille, P.A. (1825), Familles naturelles du Regne Animal, exposées succinctement et dans un order analytique avec l'indication de leurs generes, etc. pp. 570pp Paris    
Valid tribe of (page 446)