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Coccobius ceroplastidis Agarwal, 1964

[ Aphelinidae : Coccophaginae ]
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Coccobius ceroplastidis (Agarwal)
Hayat, M. (1985), Notes on some species of Coccobius and Prophyscus (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae), with special reference to Girault and Howard types. Oriental Insects 18 pp. 289-334     view   () in PDF format
New combination for Prophyscus ceroplastidis Agarwal (page 295)
Physcus ceroplastidis (Agarwal)
Hayat, M. (1974), On some Indian species of Aphelinidae, with a description of a new Coccophagus (Hymenoptera; Chalcidoidea). Journal of Natural History 8 pp. 179-186    
New combination for Prophyscus ceroplastidis Agarwal (page 181)
Prophyscus ceroplastidis Agarwal
Agarwal, M.M. 1964, Studies of forms of Aphelinidae (Hymenoptera - Chalcidoidea) collected at Aligarh (India). II. Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences (B) 60(5):324 [ The holotype is a male not a female - see Hayat, 1974: J.nat.Hist. 8:181. ]    
New species, figs., Holotype , ZAMU, India-Uttar Pradesh