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Centrodora idioceri Ferriere, 1931

[ Aphelinidae : Aphelininae ]
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Centrodora idiocera Ferriere
Thompson, W.R. (1953), A catalogue of the parasites and predators of insect pests. Section 2. Host parasite catalogue. Part 2. Hosts of the Hymenoptera (Agaonidae to Braconidae). pp. ii+190pp Commonwealth Institute of Biological Control, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada    
Misspelling of species group name Centrodora idioceri Ferriere (page 11)
Centrodora idioceri Ferriere
Ferrière, C. 1931, New chalcidoid egg-parasites from South Asia. Bulletin of Entomological Research 22(2):286     view Ferrière, C.  (1931) in PDF format
New species, , Syntypes, BMNH, Indonesia-Java (+ Bali)
Centrodora mumtazi Hayat
Hayat, M. 1973, Two new Indian species of Centrodora Foerster, 1878 (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae) parasitic in the eggs of membracids (Homoptera: Membracidae). Entomophaga 18(1):44-46    
New species, , figs., Holotype , ZSIC, India
Hayat, M. (1998), Aphelinidae of India (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea): a taxonomic revision. Memoirs on Entomology, International 13 pp. viii+416     view Hayat, M.  (1973) in PDF format
Synonym of Centrodora idioceri Ferriere (pages 64,65)