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Aphelinus nox Girault, 1913

[ Aphelinidae : Aphelininae ]

Aphelinus nox Girault
Girault, A.A. 1913, Australian Hymenoptera Chalcidoidea - IV. Memoirs of the Queensland Museum 2:180     view Girault, A.A.  (1913) in PDF format
New species, Holotype , QMB, Australia-Queensland
Hayat, M.; Fatima, K. (1990), Taxonomic studies on Aphelinus (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae) 1. The Australian species described by A.A. Girault. Oriental Insects 24 pp. 247-252     view Girault, A.A.  (1913) in PDF format
Valid species (page 248)